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Learn Italian - Smart Tips For Fast Learning

Are you looking for a fun, easy-to-follow course that gives you the confidence to speak Italian?
Here at This Italian Course we want to get you speaking, reading and understanding Italian in a fun way. So, whether you're learning Italian for personal development, to talk to friends or family, or for that trip to Italy you have planned, This Italian Premium Course is for you.

How We Get YOU Speaking Italian...

Well, This Italian Premium Course has 33 repeatable audio lessons, averaging 25 minutes in length, that prompt you to speak Italian out loud along with, and in response to, the fun hosts.

Using a scientific process called 'chunking', This Italian Course breaks down everyday Italian conversations into small segments so your mind can more easily absorb and remember them. The chunking method means that you'll be able to work on your Italian accent in the privacy of your own home and overcome your fear of saying the wrong thing.

And, because you can download all the audio lessons, you can use This Italian Course at the gym, in your car, on the subway during your daily commute, anywhere your MP3 player goes!

With This Italian Premium Course each audio lesson comes with a complete transcript of the conversation in Italian and English, along with all the extra vocabulary mentioned in the audio track, so that you can follow along with the audio and get a real feel for how this beautiful language works.

A brand new feature of This Italian Premium Course is a tool called "My Vocab". My Vocab lets you focus on specific Italian words and store them for future reference. A lot of current Italian Members use My Vocab to jog their memory about certain Italian words and keep a record of the Italian words they need to work on.

Designed to make it as easy as possible to absorb the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of the Italian language, these lessons include step-by-step explanations, over 800 embedded audio clips, quizzes, and extra Italian vocabulary!

To help you feel successful, and achieve to your potential, we've included a motivation centre, progress tracking, and a certification process. These features will give you targets and goals to aim for, to keep you moving forward on your Italian learning journey.

With our advanced learning techniques you can be learning Italian 50% faster than with other Coursees!
Take a look at just some of the reasons why thousands of people around the world have chosen Rocket Italian Premium!
Audio Lessons
iPod/MP3 compatible
Listening comprehension
Conversation Practice
Culture Lessons
Online Quizzes
Progress Tracking
Lifetime Access
Free Upgrades

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starcraft 2 guide achievements,

Are you ready to dominate the competition in Starcraft 2?

If the answer is yes, then you have came to the right place!  Introducing Joana's Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide!  This guide will get you fully prepared for Starcraft 2 efficiently and quickly!
I go by the name Joana, many know me from the World of Warcraft universe, I won Blizzard's leveling contest a few years back (first one to level 50 in world of Warcraft).  My life is all about dedicated gaming and I will continue to share all my secrets and strategies to the world as long as you are willing to help me in return!
The Starcraft 2 beta started in late February 2010, and I have been playing non-stop ever since it came out.  I have practiced many strategies and have perfected every one.  I know which starcraft 2 strategies work best, I know what strategy counters what and so on.  My guide will teach you all of that in a very organized manner.
Starcraft 2 has a ladder system in place where you can climb and be the top best player in your region.  After absorbing the information contained via my guide you will have no problems climbing the ranks and simply kicking butt in starcraft 2.
Here are some things you will learn in my guide:
Learn how to Effectively Macro and Micro in Starcraft 2
The fundamentals in Starcraft 2 (or really any RTS game) involves the ability of how to macro and micro, that is the foundation of what it takes to understand how to play Starcraft 2 efficiently.  I explain in detail how to properly micromanage your units and how to macromanage your base to produce your fighting units.  I cover this in my basics section of my guide.
Master All 3 Races in Starcraft 2!
If you want to play Starcraft 2 but only want to master and play one race, you will still need to master the other 2 races in starcraft 2 in order to win all the time with the one race you chose.  My Guide covers all 3 races extensively, and after reading my guide you will have a full understanding of how to counter anything in the game with any race.
Learn The Best Build Orders
Throughout my guide you will learn the best build orders for the protoss, zerg, and terrans.  Rushing is big part of Starcraft 2, and to maximize your rushing potential you will need to learn the fastest way of getting units out as quick as possible.  Here is an example build order to get a Terran Reaper out ASAP:
You will learn many more build orders within my guide!  There are also video commentaries demonstrating the various build orders.

starcraft ii guides

And Master the Most Advanced Strategies, Laid Out by a Starcraft II Insider, Helping You to Dominate 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 on Battle.NET Like Never Before!
Don’t Waste Another Minute. Get the Strategies that Have Helped Players from Around the Globe to Obliterate the Competition Match After Match.

Jay Cooper’s debut guide is taking the Starcraft 2 Community by storm, showing players like you how to destroy the competition – from the lowliest noobs in Bronze to the World’s Elites in Diamond.
You’ll Get:
  • Advanced Zerg Strategies for 1v1, 2v2
  • Advanced Terran Strategies for 1v1, 2v2
  • Advanced Protoss Strategies for 1v1, 2v2
  • Zerg, Protoss, and Terran Unit Guides
  • Play by Play Videos of the World’s Best Players in Action!
  • Build Orders for Every Race and Ladder
  • The Specific Weaknesses You Can Exploit Today to Start Winning Your Matches
  • Blazing Hot Key Tactics to Act Before Your Enemy Can Blink
  • The Simplest Way to Practice with Starcraft II
  • Much, MUCH More to Help You Be the Best….
It’s not just a guide – it’s a lifeline. This is the guide that has been transforming complete noobs who have NEVER PLAYED Starcraft before into Diamond Ladder experts in a matter of days. Don’t sit there and wonder if you really want a guide. Keep reading to find out why you NEED it.
Dear Starcraft 2 Lovers, Starcraft 2 is not meant for the faint of heart. This is a hardcore game for the best, most intensive, and hardest training players in the world. A national sport in South Korea, and a worldwide phenomenon, Starcraft has been around for over a decade and still draws millions to tournaments throughout the globe. So, being a new player can downright suck. Even in practice matches, you’re getting your backside handed to you match after match.
Other players seem to know how to play faster and win harder, rubbing your face in it the whole time. I know, I was there. My name is Jay Cooper and I’m what you’d call a reformed gamer. For years I played computer games as a hobby. I’d spend two or three hours a day on the computer facing off against the computer and competing against friends.
Description: Untitled10 copy
But, then Starcraft 2’s open beta hit and I was intrigued. I had never played a game that early in the cycle before, but I wanted to know what it had to offer. So, I jumped in feet first. It turns out Starcraft players are pretty damn good.
These guys were MONSTERS. They’d tear you apart if you didn’t know what you were doing. One guy in 2v2 asked me what my build order was and when I didn’t have an answer, he practically told me to get off the game.
I was shocked.
So, I dug in and said ‘bring it on’. I wasn’t about to be shown up by a bunch of gamers who’d been playing this for the last 10 years. So what, I said. I can beat you at your own game. For five months I played through the beta in preparation of the game’s full release and let me tell you – I got slapped around a bit.
But, I kept practicing. I went from a 2-3 hour a day gamer to an 8 hour a day gamer and the results started to stack up fast. I was winning matches, then I was rising in the ranks. Then I was beating players I had heard about on YouTube and on blogs about the game.

Why Would I Keep These Secrets to Myself?

That’s when I realized I had something special. I had knowledge that other players around the globe would kill for and that the gurus in this game would do anything to keep quiet.
I’m not like that.
I don’t want my fellow players to be left out in the cold. I want them to have what it takes to succeed the best way possible, with the resources in hand that I had to scrap and beg for.
And that’s why you’re here today, because you’ve heard about the amazing success rates players are seeing already with – the Internet’s biggest and best released Starcraft 2 guide yet.
Introducing Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide
This game is not just another RTS. It’s massive and there are millions of players out there biting and clawing their way up the ladders. You’re not going to get to the top by checking out forums and feeding off their scraps.
You need a guide written by someone who is in there every day, playing the game and developing new strategies to help you SUCCEED in the only way I know how – as the best. Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide isn’t like other strategy guides.
It doesn’t boil down the basics into easy to digest junk that you have to keep sorting through every time you play with a new race. It gets right to the heart of things – with strategies that work and that will help you be the absolute best around…every time.

Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide has Everything You Need and More

Just to give a sneak peak at what you’ll get from Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide, here are some of the strategies included in the eBook you’ll be able to download TODAY:
  • Perfect Build Orders for Every Race
  • How to Use Scouts and Detectors to Stay on Top
  • The Wicked Fast Chess Game You’ll Play with Your Opponents
  • How to Get the Absolute Most Out of Your Resources Every Match
  • Units, Specialties, and Strategies Catered to Each Race
  • Custom Maps and Equipment Tips for Every Situation
  • Video Links and Uploads for Dozens of Strategies

StarCraft 2 Secrets

Find Out How... I Reached Diamond Status in Just Two Easy Days with ALL THREE RACES, Dominated all Tiers, Mastering 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 Easily, Perfected Build Orders and Destroyed the Competition using the Top Secret Advanced Economic, Expansion and Harassment Tactics... and How You Can Too!
World’s Most Comprehensive StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide Unlocks Multiplayer Secrets for Millions

URGENT: Among The Things
You WILL Learn Are:
Expert Strategies for Protoss 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 Games.
Expert Strategies for Terran 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 Games.
Expert Strategies for Zerg 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 Games.
Learn and Exploit the Weaknesses of each Race.
Expert Macro and Micro Techniques Used by the Pros.
Advanced Economic and Expansion Tactics.
The Complete Counter Guide to Counter Any Unit, Anytime, Anywhere.
Perfected Multiple Build Orders for all 3 Races in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games.
Further Strategies to Defeat Top Diamond Battle.Net Ladder Opponents to Enhance Your Reputation.
and much more (Check out my winning detailed strategy modules for all three races here)...
f you're sick and tired of having records in the red, running around like a headless chicken, getting killed and dragging down teams while other players get diamond rankings with all three races, this information is for you.

You've probably always wondered why you can't seem to build as quickly or level up as fast as the other players in the game.

I used to wonder the same thing. I thought,

"How are these people leveling so fast?"

"Are there secret techniques in StarCraft2?"

"What are they doing which I'm not?"

So I set out to spy on all the successful players I could find to see just what they did to level up so fast.
I spent months using stealth tactics to track high level players everywhere from BattleNet learning from them. And one day, I hit the jackpot... I met one of the true gurus of the game.

He took me under his wing, showed me how this game was meant to be played – how the professionals play it, how they win major tournaments every year around the globe. At first, I just won a few 2v2 matches with him.

Then I started playing solo and was taking home 1v1 matches.

My record started out in the red – with more losses than wins. Within three weeks, I was moving up to the higher ranks – hitting silver, gold, platinum, then diamond.

It was a comeback worthy of the Rocky theme and I kept getting better.

Eventually, my mentor moved on, but in his wake, I had become an entirely different player. But, I didn’t want to stop there. I wasn’t happy just winning matches. I wanted to obliterate my opponents and be one of the best out there.

So, I hit up YouTube, I read forums, I played with dozens of other people on 2v2 and started learning tactics from the world’s best players.
At first, I was winning a lot of matches with 3-5 strategies. But, after a few more weeks, I was tearing up the leader boards with more than two dozen strategies – rotating through them as needed and adapting to my opponents.  At that time, I discovered just what it was they were doing, the tactics involved to winning and leveling quickly- and then improved upon their methods myself and even created amazingly easy yet efficient new techniques.

They never suspected a thing, that is, until I started building faster and destroying them... all of them...
If they found out that I spied on them- they would hate me even more!
They Just Laughed at Me!
I didn't just spy on other players, but I interrogated them as well. Any time I saw high level players I would strike up a conversation so I could learn all their secrets for myself.

The most common reaction from these players was to laugh about how easy it was to level quickly, which build orders to run and how stupid people were for not doing it too. Most of them wouldn't tell me their secrets, but slowly a few of them started to crack and let me have little tips about what they were doing.
I Was Amazed
Their strategies were so stupidly simple I was amazed I hadn't thought of them first.

Many of them had "secret" techniques to dominate the game using a top secret Economic, Expansion and Harassment Tactics to level quickly.

(If you're like me you're going to freak out once you learn these techniques!)

They always just knew what to do to have the edge in the game (Believe me, it's not what you think!)
I'm NOT Keeping the Secret
Since I've first discovered these secrets, I've spent 3 months improving on them, tweaking them, creating my own, and tossing out the ones that no longer work.
Then, I started helping out. I offered tips, showed them my strategies, recorded victories so they could see what I was doing. Little did I know I was creating a blueprint that would help them become better at the game along with me.

In a matter of days, I was getting thousands of e-mails and requests from total strangers, all begging me to show them how I did it. I was like a StarCraft 2 rock star... everyone wanted to know my secrets! Things got so crazy, it was totally out of control. Even more amazing...
Other Players Started to Hate Me!
When I started sharing these secrets, I had no idea just how incredibly mad it was going to make the other StarCraft 2 Top Guns. I soon found out...

Since first publishing these strategies, I've had my account attacked, been sent hundreds of viruses and trojans (actually this happens pretty much daily) and the fuming mad top players even pressured the biggest strategy sites to pull all my links!

Frankly, it's extremely dangerous for me to even reveal these secrets anymore - these guys have just lost the plot and are doing everything they can to stop me and make my life totally miserable!

The Ultimate Starcraft 2 Guide

The Only Starcraft Guide You'll Ever Need

I've dedicated years of my life to helping gamers get better at the games that they love. It's a personal passion of mine, and it gives me great satisfaction when people tell me how much better they play now.
Everything I know about this game has gone into my Ultimate Starcraft 2 Guide. I've held nothing back - my goal is to make you into the best possible Starcraft 2 player you can be, and this guide is exactly what you need.

REAL Secrets and Strategies From a REAL Player

There is a difference between being a great SC player and being just another schlub who gets beat as often as he wins. But, not every great player can tell you what in the hell he does to win.
That's where I come in.
Not only can I win almost every time, I also know how to teach you what I know. It's not just instinct, it's teachable knowledge, and that's what this guide is: distilled awesomeness that you can drink in one swallow at a time until you are completely devastating everyone in your way.

Here's Just a Handful of the Killer Strategies You'll Learn:

A complete rundown of racial matchups - learn how to deal with each race no matter which race you choose.

The most comprehensive strategic analysis you will find - know exactly what to build and when, and make your opponent look like a noob.

Every unit in the game: their strengths, weaknesses, and HOW to use them like a pro.

The one thing you MUST do in every game, but most players don't. Get this right and your opponent won't stand a chance...

How to set up and expand your economy - get this wrong and it's lights out every time!

Terran Strategies

Why you should laugh every time your opponent gets Dark Templar... page 31

How to embarrass anyone who techs to air units... page 34

How to be 6 pool and baneling proof... page 38

Zerg Strategies

How to cripple your enemy's economy from the first minutes of the game... page 50

How to slaughter your opponent without losing a single unit... page 52

Overwhelm your opponent in the first 4 minutes... page 54

Protoss Strategies

Why you should never build Carriers... page 62

How to harrass any Zerg player into the dirt... page 68

How to annihilate the dreaded Marine/Marauder/Medivac build... page 71
...and so much more. You'll learn the strategies that pro players are are using on you right now, with none of the worthless so-called "techniques" that only look good on paper.

The World's Best Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

My guide will help you win. That's really the bottom line here, isn't it? Want to keep getting your ass handed to you? Walk away right now and no one will have hurt feelings.
But, on the off chance that you want to be the one laughing while the other guy wonders how the hell you just pwned him so hard, then THIS is the guide you're looking for.
Nothing in the world can prepare you for the amount of carnage you will inflict, and my guide is here to show you exactly how.

Totally Legal and Ethical

My techniques and tactics are so powerful that people have actually accused me of hacking instead of simply typing "GG".
I can't even count the number of times my opponents have told me that they were going to report me...
I can't guarantee that you won't be reported too, but don't worry about being banned. My strategies have nothing to do with cheating, hacking or anything unethical.
When the guy you just WTFPWNED starts crying in chat about you cheating, just do what I do: Laugh and queue up your next fight!